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Changing the metal surface preparation & pre-treatment process from beginning to finishing by complete green process, 2-step to 4-step process (maximum)

Saving a lot of conventional steps, labor, time, cost & energy.

Complete Green Process

The Picklex® Green Metal Surface Preparation and Pre-treatment Process results in zero waste disposal. The product reduces the adhesion (bonding) failures to zero in the Metal Finishing processes, eliminating re-work. Picklex® does not etch the metal surface and therefore no heavy metal goes into the rinse water. So the rinse water does not become hazardous and can be disposed to the drain.
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Save Labor, Time, Cost & Energy

Save one or more conventional steps and also save labor, time, cost & energy by eliminating hazardous/toxic waste disposals, waste treatment, blasting or sanding of new metal. Eliminates re-work from adhesion failures. Watch it Work

Award-Winning Technology

View Awards”] Picklex® is the only pre-treatment/conversion coating which can completely remove the oxidation from the metal surface (both ferrous and non-ferrous), provide a conversion coating, seal the coating and stop the oxidation process, all in one step, eliminating the adhesion failure.
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